Torsion springs

Our torsion springs are manufactured in diameters ranging from 0.03 to 26 mm. We can flexibly adapt wire diameter, diameter of the spring body, length and thread pitch to your requirements.


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Torsion springs are spatially wound wire bending springs and are mostly used as return springs. They possess a helical spring body wound from spring wire, from which the wire ends are bent to achieve a better force transmission and distribution. There are generally two types of torsion springs: those with a spring body (leg springs) and those with two spring bodies (double-leg springs).

The manufacture of our torsion springs ensues in patented drawn wires, oil tempered wires as well as non-corroding wires. As a special technical feature, we can also manufacture torsion springs in square or profile material.

For this purpose, we have all the technical options available for the development and production of springs.

Most of the torsion springs we produce are customized products not to be found in any standard portfolio. We accompany our customers from the first development request through to series production.

Our optimally equipped machine park allows the manufacture of springs completely “from one source”. In most cases, manual reworking or finishing activities are dispensed with.


Torsion springs

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