Tension springs

Tensions springs are used in a wide range of applications. These include in industrial robots while, in addition, representing important components in door locks and children’s prams.


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Tension springs are designed for a specific tensile force when they are pulled out to a specific length. Our tension springs have a wire thickness ranging from 0.03 to 26 mm.

A cold-wound tension spring can be assigned an initial tension force, which has to be overcome before the spring can be expanded. The level of the initial tension force can be set.

Common end forms are various types of eyelets and hooks. There also exist a broad range of other mechanical attachment possibilities, such as wrapped and screwed-in add-on components. Examples of this are normal eyelets and hooks, high eyelets and hooks, low and high hooks, long hooks with straight end, conically incorporated springs with reduced eyelet, loose conically incorporated wire eyelets and much more.

Lesjöfors possesses long-standing experience in the field of tension springs and always affords priority to technological developments in this area. Our paramount competitive advantages are our wide product range, technological support, high quality and service in the area of tension springs.

Our experience in the area of springs for many different industries and applications allows us to provide you with the best possible advice for the type of springs optimised for your application.

Our processes encompass manufacture with maximum flexibility and delivery precision. For immediate needs or for small orders, we have a large-scale product range of tension springs (both of normal spring steel and stainless steel) available in stock.

Our aim is to supply you with tension springs best suited to your application – based on our expert knowledge and our experience.


Tension springs

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