Stamped/Bent parts

Stamped/Bent parts are used for a wide range of applications in a large number of industries. Their manufacture is mainly performed using multislide bending machines.


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We manufacture stamped/bent parts to your individual requirements on our multislide bending machines. The tools required for this purpose are developed in our company and produced in our tool-making workshop.

For this purpose, we have all the technical options available for the development and production of stamped and bent parts. This includes FE calculations and prototype production. Depending on their size and shape, stamped/bent parts can be manufactured using spring-hardened or soft materials. We can subsequently perform bainitic quenching and tempering of the soft materials in our own hardening facilities. It is also possible for various surface treatment processes to be realised with the help of our partners.

Our competitive advantages consist in a high degree of technical expertise, qualified tool development, cost-effective manufacture and an excellent service. Our machine park includes automatic stamping and bending machines with a press force up to 35 tons and a duty stroke of up to 2,100 mm.


Stamped/Bent parts

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