Lesjöfors Group

Lesjöfors, founded in 1675, is a corporate group operating on a global scale, active in the areas of the development and manufacture of technical springs, bent parts and stamped parts as well as gas springs. The Lesjöfors Group is part of Beijer Alma, a listed corporation.

With a workforce of over 1,500 at 24 production facilities in Europe, Asia and the USA, the Lesjöfors Group ranks as one of the leading companies in the springs industry. Our Group is characterised both by high quality requirements and reliable customer support.

Our particular strength lies in the development and manufacture of individual technical springs as well as bent and stamped parts in cooperation with our customers. In this regard, our customers are always at the centre of activities.





Group headoffice:

Lesjöfors AB
Köpmannagatan 2
65 226 Karlstad – Schweden

Phone: +46 54 13 77 50
Fax: +46 54 21 08 10

Email: info@lesjoforsab.com








Group companies:

America Mexico Lesjöfors Springs America Inc. Nogales
AmeriCa USA Lesjöfors Springs America Inc. Clarks Summit
Asia China John While Springs Co Ltd Shanghai
Asia China Lesjöfors Springs Ltd Changzhou
Asia Singapore John While Group Singapore
Asia Singapore John While Solutions (S) Pte Ltd (Meditech) Singapore
Asia Singapore John While Springs (S) Pte Ltd Singapore
Asia Thailand John While Springs Co Ltd Chonburi
Europe Denmark Lesjöfors AS Bröndby
Europe Denmark Lesjöfors AS Tinglev
Europe Germany Lesjöfors Industrial Springs & Pressings GmbH Hagen
Europe Germany Lesjöfors Springs GmbH Hagen
Europe Germany S & P Federnwerk GmbH & Co. KG Nisterau
Europe Germany Stumpp + Schüle GmbH Beuren
Europe Germany Velleuer GmbH & CO KG Velbert
Europe England European Springs and Pressings Ltd Cornwall
Europe England European Springs And Pressings Ltd London
Europe England Lesjöfors Springs Ltd Elland
Europe Finland Lesjöfors Springs OY Kaarina
Europe Finland OY Lesjöfors AB Åminnefors
Europe Latvia Lesjöfors Springs LV Liepaja
Europe Netherlands Lesjöfors Benelux Borne
Europe Norway Lesjöfors AS, Oslo Oslo
Europe Sweden Lesjöfors AB Karlstad
Europe Sweden Lesjöfors Automotive AB Växjö
Europe Sweden Lesjöfors Banddetaljer AB Värnamo
Europe Sweden Lesjöfors Fjädrar AB Lesjöfors
Europe Sweden Lesjöfors Gas & Stock Springs Stockholm
Europe Sweden Lesjöfors Industrifjädrar AB Herrljunga
Europe Sweden Lesjöfors Industrifjädrar AB Nordmarkshyttan
Europe Sweden Lesjöfors Stockholms Fjäder AB Stockholm
Europe Sweden Stece Fjädrar AB Mönsterås
Europe Slovakia Centrum B s.r.o Myjava
Europe Slovakia Stumpp+Schüle s.r.o. Nove Zamky
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