Since 1999, we have been supplying the agricultural machinery industry with technical springs for hay and green fodder harvesting as well as in the area of tillage. As far as the quality requirements in this sector as concerned, we do not differentiate between the automotive industry, certified in accordance with ISO TS 16949, and the agricultural machinery industry. Here we set the same standards in all areas – particularly as regards quality, logistics and know-how in development.

Spring tines are primarily used in agriculture. Here we process wires of a wide range of grades with a material thickness varying from 4.00 to 14.00 mm.

Investments in state-of-the-art leveling and bending machines, a continual process optimization as well as longstanding experience in agriculture offer you the optimal basis for your project while making us a reliable, long-term partner at your side. Selective shot peening increases the durability of your products.

Spring tines

Spring tines provide for a uniformly high and careful transportation of the harvest. They allow a smooth material flow with regard to presses, loading trailers, shredders, swath rakes and tedders.

Pick-up tines are often mounted on support shafts. Depending on the process, the pick-up tines harvest the crop and convey it, say, to a feed rotor by detaching the crop by pressing it down on sharp blades. Due to the acceleration of the crop flow during the raising, pick-ups require the so-called hold-down devices, which provide the direction of the crop flow. The hold-down devices, though, consist of rolls, which disturb the crop flow less.

At Lesjöfors, we gladly support you with your projects in the agricultural sector.

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