Stamping and bending technology


Stamping and bending production by means of progressive composite technology and multislide bending technology

Continual progress is taking place in the area of stamped parts and steel strip components. Our greatest competitive advantages are a high degree of technical expertise, qualified tool development, cost-effective manufacture – including follow-up processes in our own company.

We work on the planning, development and production of steel strip components. A large number of technologies are available to facilitate the selection of the production method best suited for the individual order – irrespective of whether it is for 10 or 10 million components. We work with a number of different materials, whose thicknesses vary from 0.05 to 5 mm.

Our stamped parts and strip components are manufactured in Europe, Eastern Europe and Asia.

Manufacturing options available:

  • Automatic punching presses with up to 315 tons of pressing force and table sizes up to 2,000 mm
  • High-speed presses
  • Insertion presses

Automatic stamping-bending-multislide bending machines with different pressing forces and draw-in lengths

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