Spring technology


Decades of experience in manufacturing technical springs from wire and flat material

Our expertise of spring technology encompasses the entire range of manufacturing processes for the production of technical springs made from wire and flat material. For the forming process, we use individual production technologies depending on the type of spring required.

Competence in existing production possibilities

  • Wire and strip forming with individual machine technology
  • Tempering (chamber furnaces and conveyor furnaces)
  • Hardening (austempering)
  • Grinding of spring ends
  • Inside chamfering and outside chamfering of spring ends
  • Shot peening and glass peening for deburring and surface strengthening
  • Roto finishing for deburring
  • Hot setting including relaxation tests
  • Cold and hot presetting
  • Demagnetisation
  • 100% spring force testing
  • Surface coating (colour coding, paint finishing, other coatings)
  • Corrosion protection conservation
  • Special packaging
  • Endurance tests
  • Washing processes and residual dirt analyses
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