Components and module assemblies


Manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic assembly of stamped and spring products in combination with other components

We install manually, semi-automatically and fully automatically springs, stampings and bending parts in combination with other purchased parts into minor components and assemblies.

We manufacture the assembly equipment required in our own tool-making workshop or in cooperation with selected partner companies. In many cases, it is possible to produce the equipment on our universal machine tools without having to construct a special machine. The assembly quality and functional validation is ensured using appropriate testing systems.

It is often the case that it is possible to connect individual parts to assembly parts and minor components in the process of manufacturing springs, stampings and stamped bent parts. Our project management is well versed in delivering perfect samples and series.

In many cases, manual or semi-automatic assembly processes are suitable for small and medium production volumes. These are mainly performed in our best-cost production locations in Eastern Europe and Asia.

In coordination with our customers, we assume the entire component logistics, including packaging and timely delivery.

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